Why Should I Mediate?

Does Mediation Apply to Me?


75% of clients who engage in mediation reach a mutually agreeable outcome


Mediation is a future focused short-term process; results are reached faster in  comparison to the legal process.


The parties agree to meet as opposed to being summoned to court or having  solicitors negotiate on their behalf


With the exception of professional advisor use the discussion arising from mediation are confidential.

Less Expensive

In advance of engaging in mediation the clients discuss and agree their mediator’s fee; this does not happen in the legal process, fees vary from solicitor to solicitor. If the parties go to Court they will incur barristers fees in addition to their solicitors fee.


The parties are involved in discussing and making decisions; many include review clauses in the agreement to enable them to return to mediation in the future, if necessary, to revisit their agreements in light of changing circumstances.