Grace Corrigan

Grace Corrigan is the principle Mediator at Mediation Solutions; she has helped many people who engaged her as their Mediator to navigate both professional and personal disputes.  

As an experienced mediator and one of the longest practicing mediators in the country, Grace respects and values the use of mediation, particularly where ongoing relationships need to be maintained into the future, whether that be parents, family, workplace or in the commercial world.

In 2016 Grace completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Child Protection & Welfare at Trinity College Dublin. Grace studied Family Law at the School of Social Science & Legal Studies DIT, Dublin she holds a counselling qualification from Maynooth University and a Diploma in Supervision from TPI Dublin & Metanoia Institute England Grace presents in-house training on ‘Self Care’ in the workplace’ & HETAC Level 7 certificate in Mediation & Conflict Resolution.

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Adele Gannon

Adele Gannon graduated in philosophy in 1996; she has also studied counselling, psychology and group dynamics. She has worked in the area of mediation since 1998.  She mediates both family and work place conflicts.  Much of Adele’s work is with couples who relationship has come to an end and they wish to resolve the issues relevant to their separation in the best way possible.

Since 2001 Adele has presented accredited generic training in mediation and conflict management along with her colleagues. 

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Michael Williams

Michael Williams practiced as a lawyer for 30 years and was a partner at Mc Cann Fitzgerald Solicitors until 1986, when he left the firm to become a professional mediator.  He served on the board of the Academy of Family Mediators, USA, and chaired its Ethics Committee.  He has written two books “Mediation: Why People Fight and how to Help them Stop” published by Poolbeg Press in 1998 and “Serving the People? 'The Need for Reform in the Irish Legal System' " published by Liffey Press in 2013.

Michael has retired from mediating but continues to have a keen interest in how mediation is developing in Ireland and changes in the Irish family law system.  Michael continues to give of his time generously to Mediation Solutions. 

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